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Ciara’s Baby News Proves Black Mothers Face A Double Standard

PopSugar came on through with the double standard that black women face today when she decides to say enough of the bullshit and do things the proper way..

The world is so twisted when it comes to black women and how they should do things it’s almost laughable… You have people that are really mad at Ciara for stepping up and being an example for her son and not going the same route that landed her as a single mother the first time…

PopSugar touched on this sensitive subject of how black men call Russell Wilson a simp for stepping up to the plate and being the father figure that baby Future needs….

But after Ciara announced that her and Russell Wilson are expecting their first child, people’s reactions were less than stellar.. Some good, some bad…..Examples below….

Most black men call Russell a simp for being a step father but deep down inside they wish their moms had a man like him growing up. They call him a simp but when they were little they wish their step fathers took out time with them. The same man they make fun of is the same man they wish they mothers had growing up. This video explains ladies why black men are so jealous of little future and the relationship he has with his loving caring simp ass step father.

They was mad when she left her cheating man! They were even more mad when she found a God fearing man who loved her! It bout killed em when they got married & shes HAPPILY married. Y’all knew what was gone happen when they got pregnant! People are just bitter! But they’ll learn hating on other peoples blessings only blocks your[s].

She’s married leave that girl alone… Mistakes happen not every person ur with is the person ur thought they were… Glad she found a second chance at love and a family.

All you know about Russell Wilson is that he plays in the NFL & yes he is a simp bc who tf dates a b*tch with a 6 month old baby?? Plz stfu…

Why are some black men mad at this? Because it means that the women some of them prey on might be inspired by Ciara and Russel and stop dealing with their loser asses.

Why are some women mad? Because their self esteem has been so destroyed by their experiences and/or they have become so male-identified that they too believe that she should be suffering just like them.

Watch full video below:

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