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Cinderella Went Topless For a Burberry Ad #Shocking

Okay, so maybe it was the actress who plays Cinderella, but it’s the same thing.

Lily James is the new face of the My Burberry Black fragrance and posed basically naked for the ad. The 27-year-old stated to People that, “It’s very seductive. I didn’t really step out of my comfort zone, but it’s a side of me that people haven’t really seen and may be surprised by. But it wasn’t anything that I had to depart from myself to get to. It’s just a very sultry, seductive, sexier, intense side. We’re all fully of many different sides to us.”

The actress’s statement was one that was very well thought through and honestly pretty badass. And the pictures are even better. 2016_my_burberry_black_bts_general_rgb_cropped_02 my_burberry_black_campaign_01b

Many sides indeed…that’s Cinderella.

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