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Couple Having Sex In Car Dies From Carbon Monoxide

what a way to go…… Car sex can be exciting and fun when done properly…… Apparently this couple did not get the memo.

A Russian couple decided to have a litte car sex while their car was parked in the garage of the boyfriend’s parents. However, they made a big mistake when they decided to turn on the ignition in an attempt to keep warm in freezing temperature.

18-year-old Artem S. and 20-year-old Anna D. claimed they were going out for a walk, but instead they went off into Artem’s old Skoda Felicia that was parked in the garage, to get freaky.

As temperatures dipped below freezing, they turned the car on to keep warm. The two were later found naked and locked in each other’s arms after dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The couple had only been dating a few short months. Artem, who hadn’t even introduced Anna to his friends yet, just graduated from catering college and wanted to open his own auto body shop.

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