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Courtney Stodden Shares her Therapists Directive to Healing

Reality celeb, Courtney Stodden, shared her therapists’ directive, as far as healing after a miscarriage goes. As Daily Mail Online reported, Courtney Stoddens’ therapist suggested that she buy a doll-baby, in order to help, with healing.

The “Reborn doll,” as it’s called- is the type of doll that she has, and it’s designed to look like a real infant. The idea is, that “cuddle therapy,” will help women, who have experienced such losses.

Therapeutic touch; in & of itself; has seemingly become  widely practiced, in fact, even for people who have lost older family members, or people who simply would like to be cuddled, on demand. Alternatively, for those who would prefer human cuddling, after losses, or at any time, there are companies that advertise it. There’s a company called “The Snuggle Buddies,” listed under the website, as well as another site, Cuddlist, where “cuddling sessions,” can, reportedly, be booked; for approximately $80 per hour.

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