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David Schwimmer Rejects The Chance to Meet The Kardashians; Will Be Playing Robert Kardashian In New Movie ‘The People Vs. OJ Simpson

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Friends alumni David Schwimmer who will be playing the late Robert Kardashian in the new TV series movie The People vs. OJ Simpson, declined to meet the reality tv queens.

David Schwimmer was interviewd by the Hollywood Reporter about his preparations for the role. He said he spoke to the real Kris Jenner on the phone for “more than two hours,” and during the conversation he learned all kinds of things about his character’s real-life counterpart:

“What was most interesting to me and the hook for the whole character was how much of a man of faith he was. He prayed at every meal and before every big business meeting, and he was an incredibly compassionate and generous guy.”
So that’s nice! But it’s not all Schwimmer revealed during the interview.

“The producers of [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] had asked me if I wanted to walk to the daughters, but I didn’t feel that was necessary,” he tells THR, adding with a laugh: “And they wanted to do it on camera.”



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