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Deadpool 2 – Slow Start, But Ends Well

Dead Pool 2

Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Lorena Baccarin, and Zazie Beetz

Rating:  R

Runtime:  2hrs and 29 minutes



In the days of old-school slap-stick comedies like, Blazing Saddles, Air Plane, Space Balls, The Naked Gun, and There’s Something About Mary, everyone is in on the joke but that is what makes them funny and brilliant; a joke within a joke. It is told with a wink of a smile, but the viewer does not mind because it is very clever and original. It makes the absurd obvious and the obvious, absurd.


Never look or talk into the camera, a definite “No, No” by most industry standards. But like the previous mention films, Deadpool 2 has its own sets of standards. It kicks the “norm” out on its ass and takes the audience on a whirlwind of Marvel mayhem. This is not Infinity War, so kids, according to the MPAA film rating, stay at home unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) must break out of his coma-induced loathing from a life-changing tragic event and bring together a team of fellow mutant rouges to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the no-nonsense, merciless, nemesis Cable (Josh Brolin). But during his exploits of forming his nongender specific X-Force team and seeking out the young mutant, he runs into a plethora of difficult obstacles and hilarious circumstances.

The opening 10 minuest of the film is a desperate attempt to capture the essence and hilarity of the first film using a lot of wise-cracking jokes and one-liners. The allotment of puns and wisecracking jokes make it a bit unbearable. But after 30 minutes, the film seems to find itself settling into a capable respectable sequel.

It is not the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it is the insane, outlandish, and filthy. There are numerous tributes to Deadpool’s rival, Wolverine. He even tries to “one-up” the Marvel legend one last time. There is another tribute to one of the most talk about scenes in cinematic history, Basic Instinct. This will have audiences laughing and talking for years to come. After a fight with Juggernaut, things do not go as planned and Deadpool is badly hurt and needs rehabilitation. His rehab, for a lack of better words, is slow and suffers in its infancy stage.  It is priceless.


Domino (Zazie Beetz) and the introduction of the Juggernaut (think of the Hulk with a British accent) were the film’s hidden gems. Domino is part of the newly apprised X-Force consisting of Shatterstar, Bedlam, Vanisher, and Zeitgiest, a casting call of mutants hurriedly brought together who make one hell of an onscreen splash, to say the least. It seems that luck is always on her side as she escapes the most impossible circumstances. Juggernaut is a wrecking machine, who makes the 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand version look like a child’s action figure from Toy Story. He even has his own theme music that adds to the farcicality of the film in the closing credits.


Although minute but worth listing is the film’s lenghty ending.  It overtly tries to make it funny and obnoxious, unfortunately, it makes it a bit too long. Deadpool 2 shoves it in your face again and again until the result is abrupt laughter or laughter to keep from screaming. But in the end, the curtain is pulled back and the genius behind the madness is revealed. To truly appreciate the film as a whole, watching the ending credits and is a must. The montage of clips and homage to a particular 80’s song sums it up quite brilliantly leading to a third installment or maybe a Juggernaut spin-off.


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