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Delta Airlines Kicks YouTube Star Off Plane For Speaking Arabic

YouTube star Adam Selah who is a very popular Vlogger has been kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic…

This was all because white people on the flight felt uncomfortable because he was speaking his mother tongue Arabic…

According to The Washington Post:

Adam Saleh, a 23-year-old Internet personality, tweeted a video showing him and a friend, Slim Albaher, about to be removed from the plane.

“Guys, we spoke a different language on the plane and now we’re getting kicked out,” a visibly upset Saleh said to the camera. “This is 2016. 2016. Look, Delta Air Lines are kicking us out because we spoke a different language. You guys are racist. I cannot believe my eyes.”

As his video and subsequent tweets went viral, Saleh’s account was questioned — even as his agent insisted to The Washington Post that the incident was not a prank.

Watch the video below:

Delta is the same airlines that didn’t believe that a black woman was a doctor…

They’ve shown their ass on their racism quite a few times now.

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