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Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Snitching Says That Diddy Set Up Biggie, Shyne & Wolf; Talks That HE will End Up Like His Father

Let me tell you something, I believe this to be true about Diddy, because one thing I learned, nobody is going to tell the same lie on you..Diddy’s former bodyguard Eugene Deal is coming forward…. Back in the day Sean Combs father Melvin Combs was killed back in the day for being a snitch..

Now one of Diddy’s former bodyguards adds more details to the popular urban legend and blames Diddy for the death of his own bodyguard… Here are cliffs:

-Blasts Diddy for saying how much he loved Wolf and Biggie when he did nothing to save them.

– Eugene was told that some people were coming to get at them at Andre Harrell’s house. He told Diddy about it and Diddy didn’t want to hear it. Eugene told the driver to run red lights, the driver did so. Biggie stopped at a red light and was consequently killed. Says Big wasn’t the target that night.

– Diddy got his security team to find people to testify against Shyne.

– Diddy’s dad was killed because he was going to snitch on his crew. The guy who killed his father cried the hardest at the funeral and was a pallbearer.

– He also mentioned that after Wolf died, Diddy lied to Wolf’s family and told them that he didn’t owe him $300k. He said Wolf had delusions of grandeur.


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