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Diplo: I Get a lot of Success Because I’m White.


Diplo is very well aware of his white privlidge, he admits that the majority of his success is because of being white….He explains in detail with Q Magazine…

When speaking with Q Magazine, Diplo apparently said, “I get a lot of success because I’m white. You have to be aware that it’s happening.” Using his failed attempts to drum up interest for baile funk acts outside of Brazil as an example, he pointed out, “Nobody wanted to see some black guy come out of the ghettos of Brazil and talk about real gangsta stuff. I learned really quick what marketing for the rest of the world was like.”

Diplo uses his own observations from traveling across Jamaica and South America, citing a lack of musical identity in these countries and a willingness to absorb the US’s Top 40 hits.

“For us there’s never really a feeling of authenticity because there’s no authenticity there. When I was first going there the biggest record in Jamaica was Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’! Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party In The USA’ shut down Jamaica! So I thought, ‘Who the fuck cares what people in England or America think about me going to Jamaica?’”


Eminem said this to us almost a decade ago, in his song White America…. At least he’s admitting the obvious……


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