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Disney Planning Black Panther Oscar Campaign

Yes, Disney is getting ready to campaign for Black Panther for next year’s Oscars…

Disney is already preparing to give Black Panther an Oscar push. Less than a month after premiering in theaters, Black Panther has quickly cemented itself as a phenomenon.

While this year’s Oscars show just happened (and saw Logan nab an Adapted Screenplay nomination), people are already wondering what Black Panther‘s Oscar hopes are.

Disney appears to be ready to further support the blockbuster, as Deadline reports that Black Panther will receive a full awards campaign. This comes from a top executive at the studio, saying that they will absolutely push Black Panther, especially for “the big prize” aka. Best Picture. While many superhero movies have tried to secure a Best Picture nod in the past, none have succeeded thus far – not even those that picked up Oscars in other major categories, like The Dark Knight.

A Best Picture nomination is high goal to have, but Black Panther could see plenty of other nominations come its way from the Academy. Ruth E. Carter is being praised for her incredible costumes, and is already a two-time Oscar nominee thanks to Malcolm X and Amistad. Rachel Morrison also became the first female cinematographer ever nominated for an Oscar this year, and she could get another nomination for her work here. There’s also a case to be made for Hannah Beachler’s production design, Ludwig Göransson’s score, Ryan Coogler for Best Director, and maybe even some of the cast – such as Michael B. Jordan.

Even though this is Disney’s plan now and they will surely follow through with it, there’s no telling what the rest of the year holds. Sure, Black Panther may look like a top five or top ten movie in those categories right now, but hundreds of other films are still coming. Independent festivals will surely bring about a few surprises, while theaters will undoubtedly be filled with end of the year entries from some of the most popular and regular Academy nominees.

The biggest thing Black Panther will need is for the conversation surrounding it to not die down over the next year. It clearly resonated with people and the cultural impact could further push it to the forefront. But, a lot of people at this time last year would’ve thought Logan was a shoe-in for multiple nominations, and maybe even some wins. Black Panther is a superhero movie after all, so it will have to break a few more myths to see this campaign succeed.

Costume Design is in the bag. Score, editing, and those types of categories are a strong possibility as well…

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