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DMX to star in Film With Keke Palmer

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Rapper DMX is said to have committed to a role in a indie film starring Keke Palmer. The Bronx rapper has committed to joining the cast which is centered around a love story of a lesbian pimp, played by Palmer and her girlfriends. In the film, the couple dreams of making a way out of the hood and getting out of the sex industry.

The director of the film writes “This movie is unique,” said Alexis Varouxakis, who is a co-producer of the project. “The writer-director is a woman. All the lead characters are women and at its core it is a love story, but it takes place in a harsh world where women have to hustle to survive. We have never seen a woman pimp before with a girlfriend.”

DMX is said to be in the film, but  it is not clear what role he will play.

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