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DMX Wants Another Man Named Earl Simmons to Pay His Child Support (Video)


DMX has officially lost his mind and apparently another man named Earl Simmons got hit with one of DMX’s child support lawsuits. It’s safe to say that he’s back on drugs….

According to
Massachusetts man named Earl Simmons was reportedly hit with a paternity test from X’s child’s mother in Florida. And while the motion clearly made it into the hands of the wrong man, the rapper still thinks it would be nice if the other Simmons paid that child support balance. In an interview with TMZ, DMX inquired about his namesake’s delinquent payment status – you know, for his children.

“Why he ain’t in jail yet? ‘Cause he clearly hasn’t paid so Earl Simmons, pay that motherf***in’ money!” he said when asked about the other Earl Simmons. “If he wants to pay some extra money, let him pay it. I’ll give him free tickets to a concert.”

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