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DNA Proves That Nicki Minaj’s Brother Raped Minor ; Offers Plea Deal 15 Years to Life!!

I was wondering what was going on with this case, after Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj was arrested and accused of raping a minor. After being subpeonaed to submit his DNA it has come back that he did indeed rape his victim..

Bossip who got the exclusive news recalled:

Prosecutors revealed that Jelani Maraj’s DNA matches semen found on his 12-year-old accuser’s clothes, and have offered him a deal of 15 years to life, BOSSIP has learned.
The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office said earlier this week that Maraj’s DNA profile was a more than billion to one match of the semen on his alleged victim’s pants.
“…A DNA profile, a partial profile matching the defendant or consistent with the defendant, your honor, to the point in the hundreds of billionths of chance of it being any other individual, was discovered in the…pants of the complainant in this case, and also tested positive indicating the presence of semen,” Anthony Pirri, the assistant district attorney told the judge at a hearing July 26 in Nassau County Supreme Court’s sex crimes division.
The 12-year-old alleged victim told police that Maraj repeatedly raped and sodomized her in between April 1 and Nov. 30, 2015. Cops arrested him the day after the last alleged rape.

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