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Donald Trump is Set to Go to Court For Rape of 13 Year Old Girl

I guess the statue of limitations wasn’t up for this one, a woman has alleged that Donald Trump raped her at the age of 13 will soon get a hearing before a judge, but not until after the presidential election.

This election is unprecedented. Two of the messiest people running for the highest office in the land. This Epstein guy was setting up all these rich men and providing them with little girls. Why did they trust, that this would never get out?

According to The

A Manhattan Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 16. Abrams has asked lawyers for the woman and Trump meet to discuss why the case should be held in New York. They will also discuss whether both sides have talked about a settlement as well as a possible trial length.
The woman has alleged the GOP presidential candidate and billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein assaulted her at a series of sex parties that Epstein threw in 1994. Trump has previously slammed the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.” And while Epstein is accused of preying on scores of underage girls from the late 1990s to early 2000s, he has also denied her accusations. Epstein did plead guilty to soliciting a minor in 2008.

This should make Melania happy, her issue with the women were that they didn’t take her husband to court Here’s a court case for you. Enjoy.

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