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Dozens of Americans Being Infected By Puppy Cuddling Disease!

This is why I don’t do animals.. They are so adorable, but now there’s a mini pandemic going on.. The CDC reveals that dog owners are being infected with Puppy Cuddling diseases, there are now 97 cases in 17 states, including 22 hospitalizations. The infection is most commonly found in puppies, can be caught by contact, the virus can cause intense diarrhea, cramping, vomiting and fevers.

According to Dailymail:

The CDC has advised pet owners to take particular care to clean up after their dogs and wash their hands thoroughly. The notice also suggests animal lovers turn down puppy kisses, and keep them from licking open wounds.

Catching Campylobacter: symptoms to watch for

Sypmtoms include:

Diarrhea, sometimes with blood
How to protect yourself:

Wash your hands thoroughly after touching dogs, their poop, or their food. Take extra care that children playing with puppies also wash their hands carefully
Pick up and dispose of dog poop, especially in areas where children might play
Contact your veterinarian if you notice any signs of illness in your puppy or dog
Though unpleasant, the infection usually runs its course without antibiotics, though they are used to treat some cases. The most important thing to coping with a Campylobacter infection is to stay hydrated.

The CDC said that its investigation into the outbreak’s origin is ongoing, and that Petland is cooperating.

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