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Dr. Dre Threatens to Sue Michel’le Over Upcoming Biopic

This is hilarious, because Michel’le was on the Wendy Williams show last week talking about her upcoming Bio picture that will debut on lifetime called Surviving Compton…

In the interview Michel’le stated that she wasn’t afraid if Dr. Dre wanted to sue her… She told Wendy: There were witnesses to his abuse and if he did decide to take her to court he would have to tell the truth. “Please take me because you have to do depositions and that’s when you have to tell the truth,” she said.

I guess she’s getting her wish, Dr. Dre has sent cease and desist letters to Sony Pictures warning if he is depicted as a woman-beater in Michel’le’s upcoming Lifetime biopic, ‘Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Me,’ he will sue.
According to the letter, Dre flatly denies ever abusing Michel’le. It makes reference to the fact that they dated almost 30 years ago and she never hinted at abuse or any type of violent behavior on his part. They also say she never sought medical treatment or filed a police report.
The biopic is set for release next week.

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