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DUMB DUMB Award For The Day Goes to… AKON

Hola readers,

singer and record producer says the male species is not meant to be monogamous. SAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt!

Akon has some rather strong opinions on relationships.   During an interview with Hollywood Today Live, the singer said he believes men are made to breed with multiple women. In his interview he said

“Just think of life. Why is it that every woman in the world is going through the exact same problem with a man? Just think about it. It’s not a science, it’s not a coincidence, it’s who we are. I always believed that if women took the time to understand men, you literally would run the world,” the 43-year-old businessman said.

From his perspective, animals breed multiple female species a proof enough for men to be with multiple women. What do you think readers?

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