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Dumb Dumb Award for the Day features: Whoopi Goldberg ,Please come to the celebirtyxo stage..

Hola readers,
 We’ve  got another person ready to take the award for the day!  And the award goes to Whoopi Goldberg…….. (silence)  The  comedian has made great work and I love many of her movies but  she sounds utterly ridiculous! Goldberg says black women are just as guilty of appropriating white women as white people are guilty of appropriating Black culture.
I for one would disagree with that notion black culture is always presented in music videos, white culture later continues to use Black culture as a gimmick, yet still fail to accept black culture. Then you see the Kardashians, and other White stars rocking braids,  twerking,  and doing the same things that are said to come from Black culture and is frowned upon yet they get praised for doing the same things like it’s a new trend or something when in reality it’s been Lit because we are magical.
Although some of her comments were valid, I disagree with her stand. If appropriation is being done within Black culture  as well has she considered that black culture isn’t accepted until someone from White culture rocks it or decides to  live that lifestyle? How can African Americans be doing the same thing when they aren’t even accepted still to this day culturally by many Americans. Americans paint a picture in everyone’s  head how things should be and you’re either with it or against it. And if you are then you’re being a radical and standing out point blank period.
Sorry, My dear, I  appreciate your work.  However, I will have to agree to disagree. So get in line to receive your award for the day!

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