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Dwight Howard Addresses His Sexuality Says He’s Not Gay!

Dwight Howard wants ya’ll to know that he is not gay, despite former accusations back in March, click here if you missed that.

I mean the tea about him has been spilt a million times but honestly, it’s foul to be outted when you’re not ready. From Complex:

During a two-part episode of FS1’s Fair Game with Kristine Leahy, Howard spoke candidly about the rumors surrounding his sexuality, and the allegations that were made against him in March.
“It ended up being a situation that was–it went viral. People were talking about it, and it upset me because I didn’t even know who the person was,” Howard said. “Why would somebody who I never met, never had any contact with, make up a whole story about me. I saw all the hate, the pure hate, from people that I’ve never met before, just pile up everywhere I went.”

“I went through a situation last year that kind of, um, just, it really just set me free,” Howard described.
“I think that liberated me, because I saw how a lot of people would feel, whether they’re gay or they’re straight, or whether they have issues, people are afraid to be who they are,” he continued. “They’re afraid to just step out and be, like you said, because they’re afraid of what other people might say or think about them. And so that situation made me realize, you not like this, but just be you, be free.” Howard then answered the questions surrounding his sexuality. 
“I’m not gay,” Howard stated. “It’s a lot of people who are and they have to hide, and there’s people who have mental issues and they have to hide. There’s people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on the mask every day, and it’s like, I don’t wanna wear no mask, I just wanna be.”

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