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Earn Digital Money Now By Listening To Your Favorite Choons!

The Future of Currency is here and it is Digital!
As we know, pretty much every competent individual loves to make money comfortably.
Cutting all costs is always the priority so realistically, who wouldn’t want to jump at the opportunity to control their earnings by trading Cryptocurrencies.

The main method of earning Cryptocurrency is to open up an online wallet and buy your Bitcoin or Litecoin through regular Fiat Currency(USD) which is then converted into digital Currency where you can trade and accrue it on a consistent basis, similar to trading stocks where you can withdraw as fiat if you choose.

Cryptocurrency has expanded greatly to new heights over the last 5 years to where it has now become an optional way to earn money in the real world and to build your revenue as an individual by using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more of the latest cryptocurrencies.
This divergent method of cutting out the middleman and creating more peer to peer economic transactions separate from the governments is the highlight of this movement.

One of the most hip ways right now for earning a Cryptocurrency called Ethereum is by indulging in the simple things in life like listening to music and sharing it with friends on a top go to website called Choon (
“Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem—designed to solve the music industry’s most fundamental problems”.
With over 1003 artists currently earning notes and 996.2 million notes still remaining to distribute, there is no reason why anyone with ears and a brain isn’t on here listening to quality tunes by CallmeTk who has over 2,683 notes and Deuce Ellis with over a thousand notes.

This is everything music and entertainment lovers could have asked for. To be free to choose any kind of music they enjoy while being able to share their favorite Choons with friends and family in a few easy steps.

Choons works with one of the top Cryptocurrency in today’s market, Ethereum. It is one of the most stable because it allows automatic transactions between its listeners and artists every time their track is streamed.
So all you have to do is be a great artist or a great fan to be eligible to sign up and if you know more peers who love music as much as you do while promoting their favorite artists then you can sign up and join the waiting list.

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Earn Money Listening To Music & Sharing With Friends

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