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Ed Hartwell Slams Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Abuse Claim

I’m sorry but I’m tired of Keshia’s try hard behind and Ed Hartwell’s too, like you guys have been married for a couple months like let it go… Especially Keshia… But she’s an Aries and they’re truly try hard’s which explains why she even married Ed in the first place…Anywho, Ed is slamming Keshia’s claim’s of abuse by the way after claiming that he was trying to harm their unborn child…


Ed calls Keshia a liar and US Magazine dug up his legal documentation:

“[Pulliam] should be ashamed of herself for ever making such false and offensive allegations.”
and that,
“The Plaintiff would like to remind the Defendant [Pulliam] that she is the person who sat for an interview which was aired over a two (2) day period following the filing of her Answer to this Complaint.”
The case is ongoing.

Just last week his aunt good and went in on her for lying on her nephew, click here if you missed that!


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