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Eight Men Accused of Raping and Killing Pregnant Goat

Eight men are being accused of raping and killing a pregnant goat in India, the owner caught the men in the act and got into an altercation with the disgrace men… The goat sustained injuries that she later died from. The men reportedly stole the goat in a village outside Nuh, some 45 miles south of New Delhi on Wednesday, beat the animal and took turns in sexually assaulting it.

The owner of the goat claims he caught the men in the act and together with some of his neighbor’s, were able to restrain and ‘thrash’ three of the alleged culprits before they fled. All of this happened in village outside of Northern, India.

According to the owner of the animal:

‘My goat was injured and lying on the ground. It was not even able to walk, I took it home and applied medicines on the wounds on its head and nose. It did not eat anything the next day and was lying as if it was paralyzed.’ The owner also stated that one of the men who participated in this act came and visited him while he was caring for the goat ‘he laughed and said that he and his friends had a nice time that night, which made me furious.’

That’s when Mr. Khan lashed out at the man, but things took a turn for the worse, the goat wasn’t even able to stand up and walk, died from its injuries and that is when Mr. Khan who is the owner filed a police report to document what happened. Now police are trying to locate the culprits and bring the Goat’s killers to justice.. The fact that they came to taunt him about what happened is heartbreaking to see what that poor goat had to go through and the fact that it was pregnant… The story is still developing…


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