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Empire’s Own Jussie Smollett on Mariah Carey Collaboration

Empire’s Jussie Smollett has an upcoming collaboration with Mariah Carey on the hit show Empire; The show will be back for the fall season September 21st of FOX, but Jussie sat down with ET to talk how the collaboration with the Diva herself came about.

Jussie told ET not only did Mariah sing, she produced their single as well… Jussie says:

“It was incredible,” Smollett said. “She landed at 1 a.m. She came into the studio. We were there until seven in the morning, and we just recorded the song, and it was incredible, and I love her. It’s different getting to know someone that you love and respect and being able to work and do the work with that someone.”

Back in the 90’s his he idolized Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and dreamed of singing with them… Now, he finally has his wish… “To be able to sing with any one of these incredible women just… it makes no sense,” Smollett said.

After working together, Smollett joked that now he and Carey “go back like babies and pacifiers” – a reference to a line from Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s remix of Carey’s “Fantasy”. Not only was Smollett’s collaboration with Carey a dream come true for him, it also scored the 33-year-old actor some cool points with his little brothers when Carey called him on his cell phone.

“She called and it said ‘Mariah’ and my brothers look at me like, ‘Word?'” Smollett recalled. “Then I picked it up and she’s like, ‘Darling!’ and they are like [gasp].”


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