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Euphoria in Chicago…Cubs win the World Series after 108 years!

There you have it world – the Chicago Cubs made history by winning the World Series once again after 108 years! The curse has been broken. Chicago has never felt livelier, happier and most of all so together! I have lived here for almost eight xaoldyyqyears and I have never seen this city so excited, so vibrantly crowded and coming together in the name of winning. Euphoric fans are screaming the Cubs name on the streets of Chicago, crying the victory away with happy tears.

Riding the CTA red line trains to Wrigleyville before, during and after the World Series games has been an adventure – riders dressed in blue, cheek to cheek, heart to heart, anticipating the outcome of the games every night for six nights until the seventh game when the Cubs became world champions. The crowds are screaming “Go Cubs” to each other in hallways, stores, trains, restaurants, anywhere wherever someone in blue outfit crosses your way. Some have been Cubs fans forever but others, like Ian Sancho, an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, recently got hooked on the baseball fever that took Chicago by storm.

“I used to get free tickets before for the Cubs games and I had no interest. They were giving them away for free and I still had no interest. Now, the tickets cost at least $300 per seat and almost $20,000 for the 7th game,” said Sancho. “I recently became a Cubs fan because after watching them play at the World Series they reminded me of my struggle as an immigrant. They are an inspiration of not giving up and winning despite all odds!”

Chicago will never be the same after such an incredible championship. #FlytheW has spread all over the world but its core and heart remains right here, in the Cubs very own city Chicago. We are all with you and we thank you for making Chicago once again a winner’s city, a place where champions are made and thrive. Go Cubs!


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