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EX- Nanny to Mel B Gives Bombshell Testimony About Her Drug, Alcohol and Sex Filled Ways!

Former Spice Girl Mel B is being branded as a bad mother after her former nanny testifies against her…

According to The Sun:

MEL B has been accused of endangering her two young daughters during heavy boozing sessions, bringing strange men round for sex – and even asking a pal for cocaine hours after giving birth to Angel, in bombshell court documents.
A former “manny” for the star – Rusty Updegraff – submitted a damning declaration to a judge in Los Angeles on Friday as part of Mel B’s ongoing custody battle with ex Stephen Belafonte – in which he stated that the former Spice Girl is not fit to have custody of her children.
In the explosive papers, obtained by Sun Online, Rusty claims he saw the star “use cocaine pretty regularly” and how she would always ask him to obtain the class A drug for her – even when he was looking after her kids Angel, 11, and Madison, seven.
Shockingly the “manny”, who gave his declaration in support of Belafonte’s bid for changed custody arrangements, claims Mel even asked him for coke while she was in hospital -the same day she gave birth to Angel.
Rusty alleges she also brings men round for sex – including her daughter’s piano teacher – and even leaves her children unsupervised with the men, according to the court papers, filed at Los Angeles Superior Court.
Often the kids walk in on the former Spice Girl during her sex sessions with the different men, according to the court papers.
One time, Rusty claims a man identified as “Frenchie” went swimming with daughter Madison then took her upstairs tried to shower her – before Rusty intervened.
When Rusty told Mel about the incident she dismissed it and told Rusty “that’s how French people are,” the document alleges.
“I was shocked that Melanie would be so callous when it came to Madison’s safety,” Rusty states.
“On other occasions, Melanie has often asked me and my friends (in my presence) if we can ‘get her’ any guys to be with.
“On another occasion, I received a text message from Melanie at 9:26 a.m. indicating that she just woke up and did not know where the children were and that the children and the French guy were gone.”
A copy of that text message has been submitted to Los Angeles Superior Court as evidence.
“The children are literally exposed to literal strangers that Melanie chooses to bring home to have one-nighters or short term relationships with on a constant basis,” Rusty claims in his declaration.
It adds: “The children and/or I have identified these men my nicknames or their characteristics.
“There was someone from the Soho House we called ‘Smelly Feet’, another named ‘Danny’, another we nicknamed ‘Frenchie’, the Surfer Kid, another named Taylor, another hairdresser, a singer, a driver and the girls’ piano teacher just to name a few.”

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