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Exclusive : “Congratulations Eddie Lacy of The Green Bay Packers, You Played Yourself.”

With these athletes there is nothing new under the sun, some information came our way today from one of our readers who’s pissed off at Green Bay Packers ‘Running Back’ Eddie Lacy!

NFL Pro Bowler and former rookie of the year Eddie Lacy gets caught up! While taking one of his boo’s on baecation she found that she wasn’t the only one, although he made it seem that way.

So now the source is spilling all his business and apparently he has some skeletons in is closet that he may want to correct!…. Here is what was spilled:

Eddie has a baby that he doesn’t want anyone to know about! Trinity Lacy is her name. His baby mama Pascheana Robinson has an older child to another footballer (ig: Pascheana).

…bad hair day ?

A photo posted by Pascheana Robinson (@pascheana) on

Apparently Eddie hasn’t taken a DNA test yet so he isn’t 100% sure the baby is his but he claims her. Our source came with receipts along with tea that Eddie may have not one, but three babies on the way and that he could possibly be down low…


He has multiple girlfriends in cities across the country. One of them is Alexandra Cartagena (ig: __cartagena___) She also has a child of her own and is currently dating the football star as well…


One of his girls is Vanessa Morgan… Aspiring actress/singer who allegedly buys her Instagram followers and likes. He took her to the Lakers game back in March where she met RiRi (Vanmorganxo).




Word on the street is he knocked up someone else and has other girlfriends in L.A., Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta. I need you guys to read tea on Eddie here, baby they’re going in on this man and spilling all his information..


He prides himself of being “discrete” but even he slips up every once in awhile. The pictures of him in the Bahamas, where him and his “girlfriend” went for a weekend getaway together prove that he needs to stop playing the field and doing women wrong, because sooner or later you get exposed. He lied to his other women and told them he was in “training” and getting ready for football camp, knowing he was on a full blown baecation. What a dog.

According to source, he can’t even keep up with his lies and gets so “twisted” at the club that he can’t remember who he gives his number to. He already has a whole team and is still trying to recruit. Smh. If you see this running back coming towards you…run!






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