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Exclusive: Toya Wright Involved in a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit (Court Documents Inside)


Chile, we just got some tea about Toya Wright being in a little bit of drama herself.. In the midst of Toya Wright’s estranged husband Memphitz Wright ‘s Legal troubles, Toya now has some of her own. She is involved in multi-million dollar lawsuit with the owner’s of her hair line “Toya Wright Hair Collection’ and we have the court documents inside.

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One of our Tipsters sent us the information and apparently the Co-Founder of Queen Virgin Remy , Shanise Thompson is accusing her business partner Dennis McKinley of breaching his contract and profits from twelve different stores, including Toya Wright’s on-line sales. In the suit Thomason states that everyone agreed to split everything 50/50, but has yet to see a dime.  Thomason noted that she was responsible for obtaining the Toya Wright line alone. Queen Virgin Remy entered the Atlanta market back in 2012 with it'[s first location in Midtown. Which, Toya used the same concept for her branding and promoting her own hairline. Even though both concepts are simple, but the legal battle will be anything but. The Fraud Mckinley ended up naming himself the sole members of all the hair franchise’s including Toya’s. But the kicker is he never owned or worked for anything, she’s built despite them being partners. But of course he is claiming otherwise, but the question is.. What does does Toya have to do with this, despite her being the face for her brand and hair ? Well the partner was stealing from Toya too.  Nevertheless, things are going to get very interesting with all parties involved.

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Court Documents are below, click to see it bigger:

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