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Facebook’s New Show ‘Will You Marry Me’ Features Black Love…

Facebook is trying to become the next NetFlix, they’ve featured a new docu-series called Will You Marry Me ? Developed by Black wedding photographer Milton Lawrence Jr., the series interviews engaged and married Black men about the moments that lead to them popping the question.

The first episode was released November 23rd and had over 24,000 views…

According to Black News

The show is different because it explores a man’s point of view before and after marriage. Often time’s people are more familiar with a woman’s feeling of marriage and how she knew she met the one.

But this allows men and women to experience what guys feel once they’ve found their girl. Milton, the executive producer explained that, “women are thanking us for showing them that real committed love exist.”

Check out the first episode down below! New episodes air every Thursday at 9pm on the Facebook page.

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