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Fashion Has No Age…. Latino Fashion Week In Chicago

If you are like me then you definitely love fashion! To me fashion is a way to express myself in my own unique, fun and creative way. I recently attended and covered Latino Fashion Week in Chicago where I had the chance to talk to several designers, models and of course fashion lovers from the crowd. What stood out to me the most was my conversation with 60-year-old Coty Cervantes who said: “Fashion has no age and it is a statement of who you are. Embrace it!” And so I did by wearing my $10 Bulgarian sneakers that have the coolest and most original shoe bottom I have ever seen that says “Fashion Shoes.” How original, I thought!

As not everyone can afford Calvin Klein, Cucci or any other designer brand, you can look stunning in something less expensive. As celebrity fashion designer Carolina Herrera once told me in an interview: “It’s not about how much you spend, it’s what you choose to wear and how you wear it that matters.”

So next time you shop, think of what colors you like, what fine material shirt you enjoy and just go crazy! Mix and match what you feel most comfortable in and create your own look, your own fashion. You will feel the difference, just like you are your own celebrity.

To help you in your search, check out some of these cool styles I took photos of during Latino Fashion Week:


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