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Feel The Heat This Summer Through The Lion’s Gate

The heat is hotter than its been in a while this year and if you thought 2018 has been like a roller coaster of energies, you are right. We are at the beginning of the epicenter of a spiritual cleansing affecting the world this summer with the second super blood moon leaving an impact just a few weeks ago and the current retrograde that will ride us through the end of summer. The sun has been getting hotter as we emerge into the new sun cycle within the major pole shift that has been giving some revelations and opening up our minds to more divergent free thoughts. 

The Lion’s gate is a metaphysical portal that induces super spiritual experiences when the Earth and the sun align with Sirius, which is a far bigger, and brighter than our Earth’s sun and is known as the spiritual sun. When Sirius reveals its power on earth at the time of opportunity’, everyone could catch the higher vibes if they are opened, ready and susceptible to the elevation of time. Some key ways that would be the most useful for easy transformation is to prepare before with an opening cleanse while intermittently fasting in between then completing off the summer with a closing cleanse. Don’t forget to thank the source and ancestors when manifesting for all your greatest and respectful desires.

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