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Fetty Wap is Broke & Hasn’t Paid Employees In Months!

I mean, this is not surprising… Fetty Wap is being sued by a former employee for $240k defamation and breach of contract against the Paterson native. Listen, after I saw Masika’s dirty feet on the episode of love and hip-hop Hollywood, I knew Fetty Wap was broke…. Because Ain’t no way!

According to

Shawna Morgan, a Bergen County resident who began working for Fetty Wap in 2014, says the rapper stopped paying her in late 2016 and tried to destroy her reputation by saying she stole from the rap artist and others.

Morgan alleges Fetty Wap, whose birth name is Willie Maxwell, agreed to pay her 5 to 10 percent of booking fees depending on her duties for a particular show. She also says she regularly paid for tour-related expenses out of her own pocket and wasn’t reimbursed.

Her problems worsened in August, when TMZ and other news outlets ran a series stories claiming that Morgan was fired for engaging in double-dipping and fraudulently misrepresenting herself as upper management. The stories were written off a press release issued by Fetty Wap on Aug. 10.

She says she is owed $176,408.79 from Hackensack-based Fetty Touring and $66,294.42 from RFG, which is based in Newark and runs other aspects of Fetty Wap’s business operations.

The suit was filed Aug. 28 in Superior Court in Bergen County.

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