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First Black Owned Bottled Water Brand to be Sold at Walmart

Select Walmart stores will be selling 100 % percent black owned bottle water on their shelves this summer and I am here for it..

According to Black Enterprise:

Live Alkaline Water, created by Robert McCray and business partner Dr. Shayla Creer, can now be found in two Jacksonville, FL Walmarts and another in Fruit Cove.

Live Alkaline Water is sourced from a natural spring in North Carolina that has been in McCray’s family for nearly 100 years. In an interview with First Coast News, he said that it was his great aunt who pushed him to make the business a reality.

“The blood of your ancestors is crying out for you,” McCray recalls his aunt saying to him. “You’re responsible for this.”

Benefits of the water, according to their e-commerce site, include detoxifying properties, electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals, and the ability to balance PH levels.

Dr. Creer admitted to First Coast News that the journey to store shelves wasn’t easy, but both agreed that the excitement after getting a “yes” was rewarding. ‘I called… many Walmarts, and finally we got a hold of one who allowed us to do a presentation,” Creer told Black Enterprise.

The pair presented their business plan unaware that the regional manager would be there, and once the bottles hit store shelves, they sold out within the first month. Now people as far away as Africa are hoping to get their hands on the water, reports Black Enterprise.

McCray said, “Healthy people make a healthy community. Eat right, drink right, and you begin to think right.”

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