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For The First Time Congress Override’s Obama’s Residency: Congress Rejects Obama 9/11 Veto

Today Congress over ruled Obama’s veto for 9/11 bill which allowed victims of the disaster to sue Saudi Arabia for any damages. This is the first time during the whole Obama’s presidency to have an overruled. The congress voted 348 in favor and 77 against, the result was really emotional since people from the whole congress stand up for an ovation after the approbation of the bill.

Despite advice from the president to Congress that such actions would hurt the nation and can make it a target for further attacks, the legislation decided to not listen to the concerns. The over rule come as a surprise since nearly eight years as president, Obama has never had this issue.

Many congressmen declared that the rule is not a provocation for the Muslim population but it is a way to respect and give voices to all the victims from 9/11.

Since the ban was override the bill will become law, let’s hope we do not get in further troubles with the Middle east because of this.

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