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Former Black Ink Star Dutchess Lattimore Says Skyy and Caesar Lie For Storylines & More With The Breakfast Club!

Dutchess was on The Breakfast Club this morning and she did not come to play, she came with receipts.. Dutchess reveals why she ended up leaving the show, apparently the production company behind the brand demanded that Dutchess either marry Caesar or break up… As you can see she chose the latter..

She also revealed that the girl that Caeasar cheated on her with sent an actual cease and desist, so they could not mention her name on the show. So they used a producer to kiss ceasar and make it seem like shes the mistress ..

Dutchess was offered a spin off, but she turned it down and reveals that their homes on the show are from Air B&B…

Pretty in Ink owner also had reciepts where she paid Caesar’s child support to the tune of $20k.. He says that he gave her Pretty In Ink, but Dutchess determines that was a lie…

Then she reveals how Sky and Caesar lie for story lines and that Skyy lied about her babyfather of the oldest son who is from Durham North Carolina and also lied about having twins and her having to give them up for a better life. Dutchess revealed that they were actually living the opposite, the oldest Genesis was in and out of jail and engaging in gang activities. The younger son struggled, but came out a little better. He plays high school football.

Gensis also revealed that the FaceTime she did and was only for show (to post to her IG). He’s only talked to her one time. Click here at for more of that interview with Urban Belle…

Which I remember that episode where she broke down crying about that…

Check out her son the oldest Genisis talk about his mom being a liar.. Sky deserves to be dragged for lying, especially. She’s also become quite insufferable on the show since last season.

Dutchess shows more proof that she wasn’t fired..

These bloggers that work for my ex fiancé (Jeff is the blogger and he’s not interested in women) Have to do a better job at their jobs. I WAS NEVER FIRED from black ink the tv show. I chose to walk away. This is evidence of the spin off /development deal that Was offered and declined. The business relationships of reality tv is never understood nor explained to cast due to legal ramifications. Please just leave it alone I have nothing to say but I will defend myself! This is a cry for ratings and I’m not even on the show lmao. I’ve spoke nothing of them since the breakup damn I wish I could have the same Peace. Swipe over they even asked me to film another show on last Tuesday and received no response.

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