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Former Female Employee Suing TIDAL For Pregnancy Discrimination

The subscription music service TIDAL is being sued by a former female employee who is accusing the brand of gender and pregnancy discrimination, alleging she was fired the day after requesting a breast-pumping room.

According to

The plaintiff Lisette Paulson, she began to clash with management after returning to Tidal as a full-time employee in September 2015 after having her baby. The complaint alleges that Paulson sat down with Tidal Chief Operating Officer Deiree Perez to discuss postpartum needs, such as occasionally working from home, salary, the area where she’d be sitting at work, and a private room for breast-pumping.

Paulson claims that Perez ended the meeting by saying she’d brainstorm with “human resources and figure it out.” The next day during a team meeting, Paulson was told by fellow defendant Chief Financial Officer Joe Burrino to leave the room because she had—to his knowledge—been fired.

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