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Former LHHNY Star Rah Ali Explains Why Her Friendship With Remy Ma Fell Off!

In case you’ve been under a rock, Rah Ali was at the center of Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef, she went back and told Nicki somethings that at the end of the day was used against Remy… Now she’s tired of people calling her a snake, so she decided to write a ‘To Whom It May Concern’ letter explaining her side…

Nicki posted a picture congratulating Rah on her latest business venture and it went off from there.. Ali says she didn’t betray Remy, and has known Minaj for several years. That said, she’s only loyal when it’s reciprocated.

“I didn’t pick side, I’m not even the person to do that,” Ali told TMZ Live Tuesday (April 18). Rah also pointed out that the two haven’t been seen together since 2015 and that though they were going through the motions together, they still managed to remain cordial.

“I’m going to be loyal and good to who’s loyal and good to me,” said Ali, who also added that she adores and respects Minaj, who is a great “businesswoman” that has been very “supportive” of Rah’s career.

“Nicki and I met each other several years ago,” Ali explained. “We both like each other’s photos and comment on Instagram we also have mutual friends. I shouldn’t have to hide my friendship with her just because Remy and her have a beef.”

As for the Instagram pic, Ali confirmed that it was taken a couple of weeks ago. And she’s not concerned with being accused of switching sides.

“People can think whatever they want to think,” she continued. “I’ve not said on single bad thing about Remy. I wouldn’t put her business in the street.”

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