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Gabrielle Douglas and Sister For #ActuallySheCanCampaign

Gabrielle Douglas and her sister are joining forces for the #ActuallySheCan Campaign, which focuses on the power of women and the importance of providing young women with career, relationship and health advice.

Douglas talks about her sister always having her back she says : “She’s the main one that got me through gymnastics. She’s the main one that saw that talent in me. Thank you for getting me started in this crazy gymnastics career. I talk to her about everything — well maybe not everything,” “She always puts me back on my track when I feel like I’m falling off. She’s an amazing big sister, she’s sacrificed a lot for me, and I’m so grateful to have that. That’s why I’m so excited for her to be out there following her own dreams.”

Hawkins, who is an aspiring fashion designer, echoed those sentiments.

“One thing I can say about Gabrielle is that she has a beautiful spirit and has always been so supportive. She’s always been one of my biggest cheerleaders since we were little, and our relationship hasn’t changed since,” she said.

The campaign also features a video interview of Douglas talking about understanding the pressures that young girls are facing and the women who inspire her.

Also Gabby Sidibe poses with mentor and inspiration Lisa Cortes (award winning producer of Precious).


Also supermodel Iman with Bethann Hardison (fashion pioneer and activist).



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