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George W. Bush escaped his mental warfare by painting letters and portraits of men and women he sent to war during his presidency. The reflections, through art form regards memoirs of delicate bonds, issues, in fact without a tremendous amount of regret to our America. When Bush was asked by People politics about ‘Trump’s Washington’ he says, “pretty ugly.” This goes to say that there are major problems ahead regarding the leadership of our nation. A summary of facts that were initially introduced by the source claims a very high regard to a need and demand for the Bush’s in office.

Bush just published his collection of  100 paintings and the complete interview with People on newsstands Friday. Bush says, (he) “isn’t feeling anxious about the direction of our country.” But also says, “I’m optimistic about where we’ll end up.” This might just be a more positive gain for the former president even more of a signature style of our freedom of press. Very rare photos of our former President, George W. Bush painting and illustrating his tribute are surfacing everywhere.

The media is “indispensable to democracy”  as we all are accountable for everything on the web as it is media based awareness. Issues from politics to trends requires much of our gathered support. In recent outrage there was an attempt barring to several news organizations and allegations of improper contacts relishing among Trump campaign staff members. It’s just a bunch of improper behavior happening in many of Trump’s photos obtained while they were in the oval office.

I myself need no more time to reflect on issues from conduct to art in and out of the White House. It is absurd. I just really am intrigued by the threat most of these people have on our individual gratitude with lifestyle.The conduct associated with black men? Or the conduct associated with white women? Kellyanne looks very devious in this photo arrangement below. What’s at stake? I’m insisting on “more Kellyanne” for the win.


Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway (L) US President Donald Trump and leaders of historically black universities and colleges in The Oval Office 


George W. Bush and Jay Leno


Former President, George W. Bush

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