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Georgia College Student Cared For By Community ” Fred Barley Celebrity Xo salutes you!

Georgia College Student Cared For By Community…

About a week ago, Fred Barley 19 year- old was homeless and a hard working college student who rode his bike six hours each day to make it to classes at Gordon State College. He lived in a tent and had little to nothing to eat. July 9 his story went viral.

The dormitories are unfortunately closed until August, which led Barley to pitch a tent near some bush on campus as he awaited for the campus to open. On July 10 officers, discovered the makeshift tent and officers explained to the biology major he couldn’t sleep on the campus grounds and after listening to his story the officers escorted him to a nearby motel, where they covered his pay for the next two days. “The stuff that’s happening with police officers, I am black, and he didn’t care what color I was. He just helped me, and that meant a lot,” Barley told WSB-TV. “He was so understanding, and he said, ‘I definitely I applaud you for doing this. We can’t allow you to stay here, but I have somewhere you can stay.’”

This didn’t stop here one of the officers wives has so moved to Barley’s story she posted to a Facebook community page. The video went viral, which inspired many to help Barley. According to reports, one neighbor, Casey Blaney, and the motel where Barley was staying paid for him to remain in the room until he could move into the college dorms, which are now allowing him to move in early on July 18.  Barley was also hired soon after by a pizzeria in the area. “I created a position for him before he walked in my door. I didn’t know his name. I didn’t know the color of his skin. I didn’t care. I’ve been there, so I guess I had a soft spot for anyone who is that determined to succeed in life,” Debbie Adamson, the owner of the pizza shop said.

In addition to shelter for the time being and a job, the Barnesville Georgia community has also gifted Barley with clothing, school supplies, and a new bike. They’ve also made efforts to buy him a car and take care of his medical and dental needs. “The most shocking part is so many people coming to help a stranger, because honestly in today’s society, this sounds like a scam,” Barley stated. “Some of the gifts aren’t as important as the friends I’ve made. More important than everything—the clothes, the shoes—the relationships mean so much more to me.”

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