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Georgia Woman Sues Usher AGAIN For Infecting Her With Herpes & Says They Had Sex In April 2017

A Georgia woman is suing Usher again for infecting her with herpes, claiming that they had sex last year in April!

According to Bossip:

Laura Helm sued Usher this week in Georgia, for several counts of negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud and after she said Usher concealed his diagnosis and infected her with the incurable virus in 2017, according to her complaint, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

Helm initially sued Usher for $20 million last summer with similar accusations, however following a dispute with her lawyer, before a judge could dismiss it with prejudice – which would have barred her from refiling.

The woman repeated her earlier claims about her sexual contact . She said in court docs that they were platonic friends until last year, when Usher began expressing strong interest in her sexually. She said they first had sex in April 2017 at her Atlanta-area house, which included vaginal sex with a condom and oral sex without one. The plaintiff said that Usher ran to the bathroom when he ejaculated, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

About two weeks later, while in New Orleans, the former radio station employee and singer said she and Usher had sex again, but this time it was without any protection. She said once again, Usher refused to ejaculate in front of her, and instead grabbed his penis and ran into the bathroom.

A few days later, the woman said she noticed an unusual bump on the inside of her cheek. And a few days after that, she noticed another painful bump the size of a green pea on her vagina.

She said she became concerned after she saw articles online detailing alleged herpes, and went to the doctor, only to discover that she too was now infected with the virus, her complaint states. She said Usher has made no attempt to contact her since she learned she has herpes.

“Plaintiff suffers mentally and emotionally from the humiliation and stigma attached a single woman infected with the incurable Herpes SV2,” Helm wrote in court papers.

She also said that Usher initiated unprotected sexual contact with her against her will.

Helm pointed out that do date, Usher has not denied having the Herpes Simplex 2 virus. But she said Usher’s defense has been that she assumed the risk by agreeing to have sex with him.

The plaintiff said Usher had a legal obligation to warn her of his status, and has suffered physical and emotionally from her diagnosis.

Helm said she wants her day in court, as well as money damages, although she didn’t specify an amount.

Usher has not yet responded to the Helm’s complaint.

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