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Get Ready to Eat Cooked Chicken From China….

I am one step closer to becoming a vegan… Almost… The United States has agreed to import cooked chickens from China and this is because e China agreed to accept U.S. beef imports after a 13-year “mad cow” scare in which many countries refused U.S. beef.

But in case you haven’t known, China has tried to import rat meat billed as lamb, gutter oil billed as cooking oil, and baby formula contaminated with melamine. In the U.S., pet food madae in China killed many dogs and cats in 2007..

In June, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue flew to China to ink the agreement.

No USDA officials will be onsite at the Chinese chicken processing plants. They will, instead, “self-verify” the safety of their food products as plants are increasingly doing in the U.S. under the dubious “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” program.

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