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Gina Rodriguez Wants To Make ” Sex Positive” Virgins A Popular Thing

Although she plays a role of a virgin on TV Screen, Gina Rodriguez flower blossomed quite some time ago. The Jane, the Virgin Star, Opened up, about the day she lost her virginity on a podcast episode for ” Sooo Many White Guys, hosted by comedian and actress Phoebe Robinson. While she’s no longer celibate, Rodriguez revealed why playing the role of a virgin is still just as important to her as a woman.

Opening up on the touchy subject matter with her experience, Robinson admitted she had lost her virginity at age 24, something she asked not to be a judge for.“There’s no judgement, on the contrary, I’m jealous,” replied Rodriguez. “I think that’s brilliant.”

The Puerto Rican actress then went on to share her experience, and without shame. Unlike Robinson, she had lost her virginity at 17, something she described as “pretty early” Before saying goodbye to her boyfriend of one year leaving to study abroad.

“We wanted to make sure that it was special and that we would always have a beautiful memory of it,” she shared. “So I lost my virginity to the sweetest guy, ever. It was magical. It was a magical evening of like safety. He put on a song; we were at my friend’s farm house in like the outskirts of Chicago.”

 What an interesting way to speak about her platform and her experiences.

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