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Gladys Knight Suing To Have Her Name Removed From Chicken & Waffles Restaurant

Gladys Knight wants no parts of the Chicken & Waffle franchise, she has asked a judge to a judge to remove her name and likeness from her son’s troubled chicken and waffle restaurants, saying their flagging fortunes are hurting her reputation.

Back in June her son Shanga Hankerson was accused of of stealing more than $650k in tax money to fund his lifestyle, which caused all of the Chicken & Waffle chain’s to temporarily close down and the police issue a warrant for his arrest.

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The suit, filed recently in Atlanta federal court, also asks that Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles stop using the Empress of Soul’s recipes and memorabilia.

“The Restaurants are in free fall and their decline necessarily has the collateral effect of damaging Knight’s Intellectual Property and Knight’s reputation,” the suit states. Witnesses told investigators that the money was being used for sex parties and marijuana, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation found. Employees went unpaid and said they worked under unhealthy conditions. Restaurant leadership cut corners that led to bad health inspection scores and service.

One of the restaurant’s three locations closed its doors permanently earlier this month. The remaining locations, including the popular downtown Atlanta storefront, are operating under receivership. The suit describes the restaurants as “an important tribute to Knight’s storied career,” and complains that they are being run poorly.

If you didn’t have the pleasure of visiting GKCW in it’s prime, I’m sorry.

But good for Gladys.

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