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GM Protest Turns Deadly After Protest Erupt During Economic Crisis In Venezuela

GM says, “justice will eventually be served, and looks forward to continue leading the Venezuelan market.” GM plant has been seized by local Venezuelan authorities in conjunction with normal car operations which prevent the company, dealers and over 2,000 workers from production of any GM products in the country.

Legal actions are at stake with the country’s low water, medicine and food supply upon the car assets being stripped from General Motors Venezolan site. As economic crisis hits Venezuela, locals fear dictatorship by President Nicolas Maduro and many form alliance in protesting his attempt to take over the country. The protests have gotten out of hand over a hundred demostrators have been arrested and two have been killed.

“This brought the death toll to at least seven during the past three weeks.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Associated Press, “We are concerned that the government of Maduro is violating its own constitution and its not allowing the opposition to have their voices heard nor allowing them to organize in ways that expresses the views of Venezuelan people.”

There are two plants that have been involved in the economic crisis takeover by Maduro Colorox Co and General Motors which lack the raw materials needed to control the plant as there are currency control issues due to the immediate factory control since 2014.

Demonstrators in Venezuela Being Stopped By Authorities With Tear Gas

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