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Gunman Wanted in Fatal Shooting of NYC Rookie Corrections Officer

This story happens all to often, cops in Brooklyn are searching for a contract killer suspected in of fatally shooting a rookie correction officer in Brooklyn yesterday.

25 year old Alastasia Bryan, a rookie Corrections Officer was shot in the chest, stomach, right forearm and right hand as she sat in her parked 2016 Infiniti making a phone call on E. 73rd St. near Avenue L in Bergen Beach Sunday at 9:15 p.m., sources said.

The police think that it could be her ex-boyfriend who possibly hired an inmate that used to be locked up in Rikers Island, even though she just started working as a corrections officer, she had little to no contact with inmates.

Bryan, who was still in training and did not even carry a handgun, was posted in the Anna M. Kross Center at the jail complex where she did administrative work. Sources said she didn’t have enough contact with inmates to have made any enemies inside.

Her ex-boyfriend, however, had extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, having been arrested 31 times, including twice in May 2015 for domestic incidents involving Bryan, the sources said.

On May 24, 2015, while Bryan was working security at Kingsborough Community College, her ex-boyfriend called and threatened to run her off the road when she clocked out, sources said. True to his word, he charged her as she pulled out of the campus.

Two days later, he called her again, saying he would shoot up her house and have people watch her home – and that he would kill her if she told anyone, sources said.

After the two May incidents, the college boosted security around campus as a precaution.

Bryan’s mother also told police her daughter and the ex-boyfriend had recently broken up and that the man was furious over her request that he return a BMW she leased for him in her name.

Cops are looking to question her ex-boyfriend.

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