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HBO is Now Looking into Accusations Regarding Charlamagne Tha God!

Which explains why Charlamagne is now backtracking, in June HBO announced that it will carry Charlamagne Tha God’s new show called the Gray Area, which is an interview show which Charlamagne, according to a press release, “will provide a safe space for ‘unsafe’ people to curate their stories and control their own narratives.”

According to Page Six:

But on Monday an HBO spokesman told me: “HBO is taking a serious look into the information that just surfaced.” That newly surfacing info is from an episode of “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast from three years ago, when Charlamagne told how, as a young man, he “got this girl real drunk,” gave her the aphrodisiac Spanish fly and had sex with her.

Asked if she was passed out, Charlamagne replied, “She wasn’t coherent, but she was up, like when you are blacked out.”

They’re out to scalp Charlamagne. This is why you don’t share everything because it’ll come back to bite you. And I’m sure he thought his indiscretions were safely tucked in the past.

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