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Hepatits A Outbreak Caused By Frozen Strawberries in Seven States

In a minute we’re not going to be able to eat nothing, almost 90 people have fallen ill after a Hepatits outbreak happened in 7 different states that is linked to froze strawberries…

No deaths have been reported, but out of the 89 sick 35 of them had to be hospitalized. Investigators said the smoothies in question contained frozen strawberries that were imported from Egypt.

Health officials said on Sept. 1 that the outbreak appears to be linked to smoothies bought from Tropical Smoothie Cafes in Virginia and neighboring states. One other case, reported in Oregon, stemmed from a person who visited Virginia and had a smoothie from the cafe, according to the CDC.

Health officials believe the outbreak is now over, however the CDC warned that additional cases may be reported in the coming days. It takes 50 days for the infection to appear. Hepatitis A can cause yellow eyes or skin, abdominal pain or pale stools. It is a serious illness that affects the liver.


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