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Here’s How I Reached My Highest Conscious and Confident Self By Letting Go Of Everything To Gain Back Control

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. You are in CONTROL”.- Oprah

I’m sure someone can relate to being in a head space or a point in life where you are not really into giving up yet you’re tired or fed up. You get tired of not seeing progress or what you think is NOT progress because you are so focused on your external circumstances and not your internal world You don’t look at the glass half full, you look at it as empty because you aren’t confident in yourself enough to truly think you deserve to WIN.

That was me.

For the past couple of months I fooled myself into believing that outside forces were against me which lead me to the point where I was no longer motivated to do much of anything. It seemed like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Because of that thought pattern, things did go wrong. I lost motivation to do much of anything and for once in my life I felt everything was beyond my control. I felt lost much like a “walker” in the television series of The Walking Dead. I was to the point where I almost forgot what day it was or if i was coming or going figuratively speaking. There were nights I couldn’t sleep and days where I slept too much. Yes, days! I stopped working out, stopped posting, stopped working my business and any other passion or goal I had set for myself. It wasn’t until I hit my final bump in a friendship that I valued dearly but was emotionally drained by where I realized that I HAD TO LET IT ALL GO. EVERYTHING. I realized that I’d been so busy trying to make others happy that I forgot I was the HBIC OF MY WORLD . Didn’t my happiness matter too? It sure in the hell didn’t feel like it. That’s when it clicked! I’m control of my WORLD, how I perceive it, and obtaining my own happiness.

MY PERSPECTIVE OF THINGS CHANGED AND I LEARNED THAT I WAS ACTUALLY IN CONTROL. To step away and look inwardly into your own world is what I like to call God/Goddess consciousness. After all, the good book says we are created in GOD’s image right? Why was I feeling as if I didn’t have control before? Why was I letting outward circumstances or situations drain me? I never stepped back to remember that if I was created in God’s image, I have an internal power of control, confidence, and belief to move through this thing called life as I so choose. WE ALL DO! Instead of living to other expectations, live up to your own. Rather spectators like it or not! However, when you’re so used to being a slave, you fear becoming a master. Which brings me to my next topic of discussion:

FEAR IS STOPPING YOU FROM BECOMING YOUR BEST SELF Fear is the deeper issue and is in most of our shortcomings. Fear of opinions, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of loss FEAR FEAR FEAR. Many of us are slaves to our environment because we are afraid or worried about the negative possibilities and stepping on a few toes. You won’t move to a new city because you probably won’t find a job in time to pay your rent. You won’t ask him out because he might say no and reject you. You won’t push her too hard because you are afraid to get pushed back. Our entire lives we were subconsciously programmed to believe the worse of the worse of a scenario, never the best of the best. You guessed it … going to Topic # 3

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO UN-BECOME WHO YOU NEVER WERE, BY BECOMING WHO YOU TRULY ARE WHILE ACCEPTING YOUR TRUTH You were not created to live life in fear . You were never supposed to go through life on autopilot blaming others when things you wanted to work out, didn’t work out nor were you created to dwell on the negatives. Simply put, you were created to RULE your story and learn whatever was thrown in your path. You were created to conquer unapologetically and with confidence. The problem is you learned but you truly never GREW. You held on too the memories of journey but not really the lesson. If you learned something new through a situation, regardless of the outcome YOU WIN! Accept that at face value while not apologizing about your truth. Confidence and lack of fear are two phrases you should keep in mind at all time. Both come about with true SELF LOVE. You have to be so truthful to yourself about every flaw , strength, and weakness by accepting it and LOVING THE HELL OUT OF IT. So much so that the opinions, expectations, and thoughts of others won’t break you
or keep you from remembering that YOU control YOUR WORLD!

That is Goddess/God consciousness. Letting Go, reaching inward to evaluate your true self, and living with your own control. Sure things will happen but you will be accepting of it because you are growing into your best self.

I Am The Master Of My Fate, I Am The Captain Of My Soul!

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