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Horrific Details Surface Month’s After Teenager Amy Joyner’s Death

Amy Joyner Francis- 16 Years old- was killed during her high school fight on April 22 in Wilmington Delaware. Detectives said that the young teen girl suffered more than people thought minutes before her death. The young girl had her fingernails ripped out during the fight for her life.

The information was released as detectives testified at the Wilmington Superior Court hearing on Monday to determine whether Trinity Carr, 16, should be tried as an adult for the murder. Carr is accused of repeatedly hitting Joyner-Francis in a premeditated attack and has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy.

An autopsy reported that Joyner-Francis died from a “cardiac incident” that stemmed from a pre-existing heart condition, rather than as a direct result of the injuries that she received during the beating. Carr’s attorneys have been leaning on this assessment to reduce the charges the teen will face, but the Department of Justice concluded that the fatal cardiac incident would not have happened if the beatings were initiated.

Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright have also been charged with criminal conspiracy, which carries up to a year in prison. They will both be tried as juveniles later this month.

Carr, the only person that physically assaulted Joyner-Francis faces the possibility that she will be tried as an adult obtaining years of prison time.

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