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Houston Mother Killed By Ex-Girlfriend In Drive By Shooting!

Ladies, the D is not that serious and these new generation of children are very petty with no real regard for life… Kendra Child’s mother of a two year old was shot and killed by an ex-girlfriend who was scorned all because he didn’t want her no more..

Kendra was literally a day away from turning 20 years old when she was shot and killed, she tweeted shortly before her murder, acknowledging that she’ll be turning the big 20.

On September 9, she posted a Flipgram video that included footage of her daughter. “Mommy will always be there,” she wrote. Childs posted several other photos of her daughter.

A Cousin of hers ‘Angela Whitaker’ told ABC Houston that: “I feel very broken, and it just hurt because she didn’t deserve to go like this. I understand it was her time, but she didn’t have to go like this. She didn’t even make it to her birthday tomorrow.”

A twitter user by the name of LingLingbaby has been accused of her killing, she actually took to social media to basically confirm that she was going to take her life, all because the man who was with Kendra didn’t want her..


According to The

A Friend of Childs’ First Suggested ‘Linglingbaby’ Was Linked to Childs’ Death on Facebook

Police say the shooter never came inside the apartment complex; instead they stood on the road aiming the gun up to the second level apartment where Childs was.

A bullet struck Childs and when her boyfriend got home, she was already dead.

“If you can see it’s just a blank wall, they wouldn’t have had known someone was exactly in there and it was a very unlucky shot,

She then posted the images of Linglingbaby’s tweets and the photo of Linglingbaby standing in front of a black car. “Yo she was real life plotting on this girl….jealousy is a crazy thing man the hate be so real,” Taylor wrote. “Okay I’m let Kendra rest now I just wanna be the first to wish her happy birthday because tomorrow she would have been 20 have fun in heaven baby girl.”

Woodward told the Chronicle that she didn’t know why Childs would be targeted. She called her cousin, who worked at a Walmart, “amazing,” adding that, “She lit up the room and was one of a kind. She would do anything for her daughter.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Houston Police’s homicide division at 713-308-3600.

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